Product Safety Data Sheets

Product Name: Body Wash Liquid Soap
Other Code: None
A. Aloe B. Lemon C. Strawberry D. Rose E. Tropical F. Wave

Body Wash Liquid Soap

1-Hazard Identification
  • 1. May Be Irritant To Eyes
  • 2. Not Irritant To Skin
  • 3.Environmental Risk: None
  • 4. May Cause Abdominal discomfort on injection
  • 5. Keep out of Reach Of Children
  • 6. Keep away from Heat
  • 7. Handling: No specific measure
  • 8. Storage: Store at cool and dry place below 30 degree Celsius.
  • A. Cationic Surfactant
  • B. Oil based Perfume
  • C. Preservative
  • D. Food Color
  • E. Other Ingredients classified as Non Hazardousr
  • F. Food Color
  • G. Fragrance
  • H. Food Color
3-First Aid measures
  • 1. Eye Contact: Wash Eyes immediately with water, if irritation persists please contact Doctor.
  • 2. Skin Contact: None.If accidently in contact with ruptured zones please wash of with water.If irritation persists please contact Doctor.
  • 3. Injection: Drink 2-3 Glasses of water. Contact a Doctor.
  • 4. Inhalation: Wash face immediately and breath fresh air. If breathing difficulties experienced please contact doctor.
4-Fire Fighting Measures
  • A. Non Flammable Liquid
  • B. Extinguishing Measures: Use Water ,Foam , Carbon Di Oxide or Powder to extinguish fire
5-Accidental Release measures
  • A. Keep area well ventilated
  • B. Mop up spill area with water or a detergent
  • C. Store below 30 degree Celsius
  • D. While handling bulk quantity wears safety glasses, gloves and appropriate clothing protection.
  • E. Keep away from fire or flame.
  • A. Physical State: Semi Liquid
  • B. Appearance: Viscous Clear
  • C. Color: c. Color: Aloe: Green Sky: Blue
  • D. pH: 6.5
  • E Solubility in Water: Soluble
  • F Product Stable under normal conditions
  • G. Boiling Point: 100 degree Celsius
  • H. Toxicity: Not Determined
  • I. Eco-Toxicity: not determined
7-Handling And Storage
    1. No Specific measures to be taken
8-Toxicology Information
  • 1. Skin: No effects likely to occur.
  • 2. Eyes: May cause irritation to eye
  • 3. Inhalation No effects likely to occur.
  • 4. Ingestion: May cause irritation in gastro intestinal track
  • 5. Sensitization : Not intended to be skin sensitizer
  • 6. Toxic Info: Information available from already available data.
9-Personal Protection Equipment
  • 1. Gloves: Not normally required
  • 2. No respiratory protection required under normal usage
  • 3. Eye Protection- Not normally required.
  • 4. Avoid contact with eyes. Washing with water is considered safe hygienic practice to avoid any irritation in eye from Hand Contact.
10-Packing Avalilable
  • 1. 5 liter.
  • 2. 40 ltr.
  • 3. 50 ltr & 200 Ltr.
How To Use?